5S Audit

In a 5S audit the 5S level of the workplace is assessed. A 5S audit is typically conducted at the end of a 5S implementation. Using a 5S checklist Supported by the hands-on 5S App, it measures whether 5S is effectively applied within the organization. Read here what an audit looks like in practice and the different ways 5S Company deploys audits.


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5S Audit

How does an audit work in practice?

Conducting a 5S audit is always done together with a team leader or employee of your organization. The size of the shop floor determines the duration of the audit. In addition, the 5S level Whether the audit is conducted at a pre-planned time or unscheduled.

Lean 5S checklist and 5S audit board

A regular part of the 5S audit is the 5S checklist. In this checklist, all 5 S's of the 5S method checked: sort, shine, set in order, standardize and sustain. The checklist assesses the 5S level by scores between 0 and 100 percent. The checklist itself tests not only the 5S level of the shop floor, but also the 5S DNA of the employees.

Although the 5S method has a fixed place within the checklist, the audit looks at situations as they occur in practice. The Lean 5S checklist-template is adjusted immediately after the rolling out 5S in the organization to the conditions of the shop floor. Thus, practice forms the basis for arriving at the correct measurements.

During the 5S rollout, all the S's from the 5S model are put into practice. These are the steps of the execution phase of the 5S implementation on your workplace.



5S training is designed to familiarize everyone in a company with the 5S method. Work on effectively implementing 5S within your organization and become a star at 5S!


The initial introduction and analysis of the shop floor. During the Gemba Walk, processes and waste are accurately identified for effective rollout of the 5S method.


The four steps of the 5S audit

1. The 5S audit starts with a check in the 5S App. This shows what outstanding actions there are and whether the actions and areas for improvement have been worked on. Through the 5S App, all situations in the list of work in progress are tracked. Both situations that need improvement and the positive aspects and progress of 5S on the shop floor.

2. The next step is to walk around the shop floor: the Gemba walk. During this round, all 5 S's of the 5S method are checked against a 5S checklist. The entire shop floor is monitored and several employees are interviewed during the monitoring round and asked about their experiences, ideas and possible obstacles.

3. After the Gemba walk, the scores for each S are entered into the Lean 5S checklist. From this, the current 5S level of the organization becomes clear and a recommendation for improving the organization's 5S level is developed.

4. At the end of the audit, the results are shared with the entire teams. This is often done by means of an extensive semi-digital 5S audit board. Through a 5S board effectively shares the findings of the round with employees. By presenting the results of the audit to all employees, employees are directly involved in the outcome and necessary actions can be aligned immediately.

When do you initiate an audit?

The 5S audit is a valuable tool for improving and accelerating effective 5S implementation in the organization. The audit can be used for a variety of purposes.

- 5S Company audit service as training

5S Company performs the audit service together with an employee, so that a piece of 5S training takes place at the same time. This training ensures that the in-house expertise is present to eventually carry out internal audits independently.

- Understanding current 5S level

A 5S audit provides insight into the current 5S level of the workplace. The checklist assesses the Gemba of that moment "real time. This minimizes the time between obstacle and solution. Points for improvement can be translated directly into tasks within the team, with clear agreements on roles and deadlines.

- 5S assurance

The audit enables an organization to secure 5S. After each audit, the results are recorded in the 5S App stored. These scores provide a clear picture of progress over a period of time and what potential stumbling blocks to 5S are in the workplace. This also allows employees themselves to monitor the 5S level of the work environment.

- Maintaining 5S

'Maintaining' 5S proves difficult in practice for many companies. External audits are a stick to maintain the 5S level already achieved and to strive for progress. To ensure that 5S is not only adequately applied at the time of the audit, unplanned audits take place by 5S Company as an external party. 

5S Company's extensive experience shows that these periodic checks are a welcome help for all industries and all 5S levels. Together with your 5S specialist you can tune in periodic audits even well after 5S implementation to maintain the 5S level of the shop floor.

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