5S Boards

5S Company offers a complete line of easily customizable 5S boards. A custom-made operational board contributes to standardizing and safeguarding 5S within your organization, improves process performance and provides daily insight into KPIs. The KPI boards are the perfect tool for tracking and achieving goals and monitoring progress 5S implementation within your work environment.

A unique customized semi-digital 5S board

A customized 5S board makes the progress of 5S within your company visible. This fully customizable 5S boards are ideal for during a day start or 5S meeting with teams and employees. The boards are semi-digital, including a screen, and provide space for informational documents. The 5S App makes direct contact with the screen, which makes presenting very easy. A must-have for the professionalization of 5S.

semi-digitaal bord

Operational board: visual checklist

A visual checklist of operational processes through customized, and operational boards gives you daily visibility into completed checks, open tasks, disruptions and action items on the shop floor. Update progress on the job. These boards are above an easy tool for performing a shift handover or day start properly and completely, for example. The boards combine perfectly with the 5S boards, ask about the custom options.


Track KPI's closely

Track real-time progress on established KPIs through a customized KPI dashboard. Make the workplace aware of set goals, give with this extension to the 5S boards understand the progress of deliverables and motivate teams to go the extra mile.

THE Benefits of an operational 5s board

Operational 5S boards provide a clear and insightful visual representation of the current situation on the shop floor, performance and progress of 5S. The different boards can be well combined to fully match your shop floor.


Visualize 5S progress directly on the shop floor.

Voortgang KPI


Track 5S and operational performance progress closely and discuss action items and developments in one permanent place.

Gezamelijk doel 5S

Joint goals

Present mutual agreements in the workplace. Shared goals are visible and more easily encouraged.

Share real-time information

Keep employees informed in real time. For example, with a digital display of safety agreements via the 5S App and monitor.

Lower the barrier to safety records and reduce the risk of workplace accidents with 5S Company's Safety app.


Digitally simplify workplace processes using the 5S Company LEAN app. Easily record deviations and improvement ideas and build better workflows.


Get more insight and control over the results of your 5S deployment with the 5S App. The application supports you in securing 5S on the shop floor and easily conducting 5S audits.


5S signs: the signboard of your 5S mission

Are you looking for an appropriate representation of 5S progress on your shop floor? Or would you like to provide teams with daily real-time information on the current situation on the shop floor, observed disruptions and 5S action points? 5S Company offers various solutions for 5S boards for the most appropriate visual representation of 5S progress within your organization. Contact us for more information or request a no-obligation quote.

5S can be applied to any workplace, within any industry. Find out how 5S Company helps you work more safely, efficiently and profitably. A successful 5S implementation in three phases.


5S training is designed to familiarize everyone in a company with the 5S method. Work on effectively implementing 5S within your organization and become a star at 5S!


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