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Read the MotracLinde customer experience here after the 5S implementation.

Customer experience MotracLinde with 5S Company

"The implementation of 5s in our workshops and warehouses has brought what we had foreseen. The standardized layout, (re)location of the workplaces, the visual support, the established appointments and schedules have ensured that work is cleaner, more efficient and more effective. All this has a very positive effect on the job satisfaction of the employees, the predictability of processes and the prevention of defects.

The strength of this implementation by 5S-company was: on the shop floor, action-oriented and hands-on. This approach combined with their expertise and experience have made 5S a success".

Johan Jan Snoek (2016)
Manager Supply Chain
Motrac Internal Transport

Experience 5S MotracLinde


MotracLinde was founded in 1954 and has been a leading full-service provider of internal logistics solutions ever since.

Due to a large network and technologically advanced products, they belong to the top in the Netherlands, with 3 branches in Almere (head office), Zwijndrecht and Apeldoorn.

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