About 5S company

Read more about 5S Company and what connection there is between 5S and CI Company. CI stands for continuous improvement, or tile continuous improvement in Dutch. 5S is in the foundation for visually standardizing processes and is the basis, if this basis is in place you can improve further with CI company. But it can also be done the other way around, improving processes where 5S can be applied for an organized workplace. Thanks to the collaboration between 5S and CI Company, we can help every company with their total Lean journey. 5S Company makes the difference by becoming part of the team on the workplace. The hands-on way. The pragmatic and creative level of thinking also help in this.

Team Auto3-over 5S company

Get a grip on change

5S Company & CI Company are total providers in the field of implementation, rollout and assurance of the 5S method and LEAN method. By controlling the entire LEAN range, we are the partner for many companies in just as many industries in sustainable improvement and change of business processes.

“We are not a one-trick pony, but involved partners with an entrepreneurial background. From our own experiences, we know what can be improved and what needs to be improved within companies. This expertise is the basis for our holistic approach: 5S Company as a specialist in change management, CI Company as an integral improver within the entire chain.”
Patrick Kalshoven
“Everyone wants to have a nice workplace and to be appreciated. A mechanic does not want to search, but tinker. We also have that passion that you see in professionals. We help companies from all walks of life and we do so honestly and honestly. We see companies, we hear people and help them grow with an outside view and confidence in talent, quality and skills.”
Dennis van de Bunt

Team 5S company

The team of 5S Company consists of different people with different character traits. Together we form an enthusiastic and close-knit team. That is ready for companies and for each other.

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Mission & vision

Our mission is the foundation for which we stand and stand. In our vision we explain what we strive for. This is reflected in the work we perform for our customers.

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