Mission & Vision of 5S Company

Read the mission & vision of 5S Company below. Our mission is the foundation for which we stand and stand. In our vision we explain what we strive for. This is reflected in the work we perform for our customers.

Team Auto
"Our team, strong and agile, gets any organization young, old or stuck in motion. We ensure continuous improvement of your processes and workplace organization and the assurance thereof"
Team staand


Encouraging and enabling continuous improvement in companies. With an eye for processes, but especially for people. We motivate people to get the best out of themselves and the place where they work. We do this with a challenging, pleasant, respectful and above all human approach.


A world full of companies that add value to daily processes on a large scale. Companies that can build on motivated, satisfied employees and where waste is a thing of the past. Our vision is comprehensive and is based on the most important pillar within every organization: the people who are in the workplace day in, day out.

Look at market

Our view of the market

Every day we help companies improve the way they work, optimize the most important processes, increase efficiency and increase safety. Together we put our shoulders underneath it. In an accessible manner and with an approach tailored to your company. For more productive work and less wasted time, better quality and ultimately lower costs.

By motivating and supporting companies and teams in increasing value addition with our methods and applications, we stimulate productivity, safety and job satisfaction. At the same time, we give people the tools to improve and grow themselves.

Sustainable answer to daily challenges

Entrepreneurship is about taking and managing risks. Successful entrepreneurship means taking controlled risks with an eye for people, method and society. Achieving targets, maximizing productivity, but above all working safely and relying on a strong workforce.

Supplying good products that meet all quality requirements and offering a clean, tidy and well-organized workplace. Change is leading the way. Good change means optimizing with a strongly supported plan and method, by everyone within the company.

5S Company & CI Company realizes and secures change. Pragmatic, inspiring, effective and inclusive. For a result that is seen and experienced every day.

5S basis for learning organization

5S is for everyone

The 5S method helps any type of company in any industry work more efficiently, safely and productively. What is often forgotten is that 5S can also be applied to the information flow, information storage and design of the user interface of applications. You don't want unnecessary information on your screen or unnecessary data entered twice. Don't underestimate the time office workers have to search for the right files!

We give every company access to effective change. Both physically and in terms of mindset - from management to employees. 5S is for everyone. And we facilitate a rollout that always pays off. As a specialist from the sidelines or as a driver and partner in improvement through a complete metamorphosis of any working environment.

'Unconsciously ignorant'

Many companies and organizations unknowingly incur unnecessary costs due to waste. Sales are good, assignments and orders are piling up. Instead of looking at their own organization and looking for solutions for optimizing and better designing processes, companies are more likely to choose the costly, difficult path: hiring extra staff. Certainly nowadays a difficult, costly and energy-consuming task. Especially because the productivity of our own employees and teams is in many cases not fully utilized.

Motivating and developing your own teams is a sustainable solution. A solution that also pays off. Both in productivity, as well as employee happiness and personal development. The 5S method creates all preconditions for value addition. A conclusion that more and more companies experience in practice.


Hire and retain good staff

Forget the tough, competitive and stripped labor market, companies often have the solution in-house. Now that it is difficult to recruit and retain good staff and manual process operators are becoming scarcer, we help companies identify and utilize opportunities for improvement.

With a human approach, we focus on maximizing existing capacity and quality and help companies prepare for the future. A future in which automation and robotization are advancing in more and more working environments. Because for robots too, full effectiveness can only be achieved through standardization of processes.

Every company – now and in the future, consciously and unconsciously – needs workplace optimization. Processes are becoming more complex, raw materials more expensive. Staff and customers are becoming more selective and demanding. In the service provision, information must be available 'on the fly', i.e. quickly accessible. This means that quality, keeping agreements and investing in improvement are no longer a goal, but a must.

What we promise

What we stand for

“We are traditionally go-getters with a preference for organizing, structuring and motivating. With our knowledge we are always one step ahead. We are prepared, know what is going on with employees within companies and can quickly forge a good plan together with the employees. A plan that fits the situation of the organization, making use of outside expertise. You see people who were really against change turning 180 degrees. We're getting people. And it should. Because if you want to achieve process optimization, you depend on how this is handled internally.”
Patrick Kalshoven
“We make proven lean techniques applicable within companies. That starts with awareness. Due to our wide variety of types of customers and working environments, we have a broad experience and we often quickly know how to raise this awareness. Then we will continue together. Sometimes that requires pioneering work, for example through a pilot of a new 5S program in one department. We discover, execute and activate continuous improvement. We are genuinely interested and that makes the bond with the companies and people real. This way you make faster steps in the lean journey."
Dennis van de Bunt