The Harmony of Tidying Up: Marie Kondo and the 5S Method


In the world of decluttering and organizing, Marie Kondo has received a lot of attention in recent years for her unique approach to decluttering homes and lives. Her method, known as the KonMari Method, has inspired millions of people worldwide to transform their lifestyles by focusing on joy and minimalism. At the same time, in the business world, the 5S method used for decades as an effective way to organize workplaces and improve efficiency. Although these methods are seemingly different, they share fundamental principles that strive for order, efficiency and optimization. In this article we will explore both the Marie Kondo Method and the 5S Method and discuss the notable similarities between the two approaches.

Marie Kondo's KonMari Method:

Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying guru, has achieved worldwide fame with her KonMari method. Based on the idea of ​​keeping items that bring “joy” and letting go of anything that doesn't. Her approach focuses on creating a tidy living space. This is done by teaching people how to consciously choose which possessions they want to keep. By embracing minimalism and valuing quality over quantity. For example, Marie Kondo's method has helped people transform not only their physical space, but also their mental well-being.

MarieKondo 5S

The 5S method:

The 5S method, originating from Japan, is a system for organizing workplaces with the aim of improving efficiency, productivity and safety. The 5S's stand for:

  1. Sort – Separating necessary items from unnecessary items.
  2. Shine– Regularly cleaning and inspecting the workplace.
  3. Set in order – Organizing items in a logical and easily accessible manner.
  4. Standardize– Creating standard procedures for operational work and keeping them clean.
  5. Sustain – Maintaining the improvements achieved through discipline and compliance with the rules.


Despite the different areas of application, the KonMari method and the 5S method share some striking similarities. Both approaches emphasize the importance of awareness, organization and creating a structured environment. Both methods promote a holistic approach to decluttering and emphasize the importance of both physical and mental decluttering. Both Marie Kondo and the 5S method emphasize reducing unnecessary items, organizing what remains in a structured way. And also maintaining this organized state for long lasting results.

Although the KonMari Method and the 5S Method were originally developed for different contexts, they share essential principles aimed at creating order, efficiency and harmony in both home and business environments.

Both approaches illustrate the power of making conscious choices, valuing what really matters and striving for an organized, joyful lifestyle. Understanding these methods and applying their principles can lead to a life that is free of clutter, both physically and mentally, and that is balanced with peace and contentment.

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