5S method and energy saving

Saving on energy costs? This is how the 5S method helps!

Why the 5S energy saving method? Many industries are hit hard by the extremely high energy prices. Rising costs for gas and electricity, among other things. But raw materials such as oil and steel also cause enormous cost increases throughout the supply chain.

To limit the increasing cost items where possible, companies are looking en masse for ways to save on energy costs. Does the 5S method for energy saving work? The 5S method can certainly help entrepreneurs reduce electricity and gas consumption. And ultimately in reducing the sky-high bills.

5S energy saving method

5S method for energy saving after a thorough analysis of existing processes

Industrial organisations, but also companies in the transport, production and food sector, are forced to take a critical look at their own working environment due to the sky-high costs for gas and energy. Significant cost savings can be achieved in various areas by analyzing and optimizing existing business processes.

The implementing 5S method helps companies reduce costs by working more efficiently. In this blog we give practical examples of how and in what way the 5S method helps companies reduce operating costs in challenging times.

Prevent waste by working more efficiently with the 5S method

By optimizing business processes and implementing the 5S method, companies can reduce the waste of space, materials, time and consumption of gas and energy. The basis of these savings is working more efficiently and effectively. The 5S method creates a clean, safe and also a well-organized working environment. In which the consumption of gas and electricity is reduced and waste is also reduced where possible.

Discover the solutions of the 5S method for energy saving

Reporting energy waste

5S signals energy waste. This includes air leaks, which cause compressors to start unnecessarily. Or other energy-consuming waste, such as outdated lighting installations or machines and equipment. By identifying disruptions and smartly organizing the working environment, significant cost savings are quickly achieved.

Creating space savings

The 5S method contributes to the efficient design and use of (work) space. Applying the method maximizes the use of available space. This means that less space is needed for daily activities. This offers the possibility, for example, to merge existing warehouses. This reduces the heating requirement and it is even possible to opt for renting out surplus business facilities. In this way, organizations are set up more cost-efficiently.

Increasing productivity

One of the main benefits of implementing the 5S method is increasing productivity. Optimizing (daily) processes and the way of working ensures this. After this, companies are able to do more work and grow with the same number of employees. A major advantage, especially in today's labor market: hiring new employees - which ultimately costs 'energy' - is no longer or less necessary.

By increasing productivity with existing (work) resources, the costs per product are also reduced. Less gas and/or electricity is also needed during the production process.

Organized internal transport

Organizing a working environment using the 5S method also includes a safe and practical 'traffic plan' for internal transport. Transport and movements are optimized on the basis of a detailed analysis of the shop floor and working environment. As a result, fewer distances have to be covered and the consumption of gas and electricity by internal means of transport is reduced.

Less overtime

By carrying out work more effectively with 5S, overtime is not necessary or is necessary less often. Working overtime means that the building, workshop and warehouse must be heated and illuminated for longer. In some cases it is even possible, in combination with process improvements, to reduce an (evening) shift, so that the heating or machines can be switched off earlier.

Apply 5S within your company

Are you convinced of the added value of the 5S method for your business processes? Or are you curious how 5S can also help you realize cost savings in challenging times? 5S Company is happy to help you work more safely and cost-efficiently.

A 5S implementation starts with a Gemba-walk. The 'round of the workplace' is a first step towards mapping out the day-to-day business. The Gemba walk is an in-depth introduction and analysis of the working environment. Looking at existing processes, tools, safety and consumption. The purpose of the round is to map processes and waste in the workplace and to determine the potential for improvement. Based on the analysis, an effective 5S roll-out developed.

The Gemba Walk:

  • Identifies waste of materials, space and time
  • Detects unnecessary transport movements
  • Provides broad insight into energy consumption of operational areas
  • Provides advice in replacing existing (outdated) machines and equipment
  • Contributes to reducing standby consumption
  • Reduces waste and loss by improving maintenance and operations
  • Minimizes wasted time and maximizes workplace organization
  • Provides solutions for reducing changeover time, reducing the number of operating hours required to meet production targets

Is the light already on? 5S generates energy!

Do you want to start effectively reducing your gas and energy bills and at the same time invest in working more efficiently, effectively and safely? Please feel free to contact the 5S specialists from 5S Company.

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