AVR Duiven takes its productivity to a higher level with 5S

"AVR Duiven takes its productivity to a higher level with the power of 5S: Efficiency and cleanliness in the workplace"

AVR Duiven started in 2022 with 5S at the logistics department. Below you can read how AVR Duiven takes its productivity to a higher level with 5S. With their experiences so far.

AVR Duiven

Why 5S rollout at AVR Duiven?

AVR Duiven is a leading company in the waste processing industry. They incinerate approximately 400,000 tons of waste annually to produce heat, energy and district heating. “Our 3 incineration lines are essential to our business and we want our workplace to be efficient and tidy. The 5S method is a method to organize the workplace efficiently and neatly. It's about Separating - Cleaning - Arranging - Standardizing and Sustaining. We saw how effective the 5S method can be when we took a look at our colleagues at the Rozenburg location. By following these steps, we can create a safe, organized and standardized workplace. This is especially important for our company, because we work with waste and often have to deal with weather influences. This can lead to chaotic situations if we do not work in a structured way. In addition, we have been working from the start to properly complete and optimize our work. With 5S we have taken the next step” says Frank Dekker, Co-working Foreman at AVR Duiven. This takes productivity to the next level with 5S.

Review of the 5S implementation

With three smashing days of action, we rolled up our sleeves together with AVR. AVR managed to plan this perfectly in June during the Total Plant Shutdown. While all machines were shut down due to major maintenance, the logistics team saw their opportunity to 5S implementation to be tackled thoroughly. At this point, they had no obligations other than supporting the outside firms. So AVR grabbed this opportunity with both hands. There has been a major cleaning and a standardization of all cleaning tasks per machine. This makes maintenance of the machines easier and more efficient. Machine maintenance has become easier and more efficient. We achieved this by conducting a major cleaning and standardizing all cleaning tasks per machine. Moreover, the 'work in progress' process can be standardized in combination with 5S aftercare, so that the culture can really change.


“The rollout of 5S-Company was friendly, amicable and done in a fun way. The management was already familiar with 5S in Rozenburg and fully supported it, so it was taken up well. The implementation was super, partly because we had plenty of time for this. We are fully focused on 5S and do everything we can to continuously improve it. We don't just have a 5S board and app. Also a day start in which we discuss yesterday's results and share our ideas for improvement. It is an integral part of our daily routine to keep our premises clean and tidy. Our boys start their day by cleaning up the grounds, because we understand that this is our calling card. Put everything back neatly and keep the site clean. This shows that we are proud of what we do and that we strive for perfection.”

You can never do it right the first time, this is and remains a process!

Teamwork is the key to success for AVR. Frank Dekker knows this better than anyone as a Voorman. “I therefore enthusiastically started motivating my team to achieve our goal together. It has not always been easy to get employees involved in this process, not everyone was immediately convinced. Some need more structure than others. But in the end we all have the same goal in mind and that's what it's all about.

In addition, the last S of 'standing for AVR is perhaps the biggest challenge for the future. “Sometimes it's easy to get lost, but hard to keep going.

Operational management and 5s app

Each team has its own foreman and we keep each other sharp. We start our day with a day start. In which we discuss our plans for the day and we have a board where we track our progress. Moreover, we work with the handy 5S-app. Everything is clearly displayed here and you know exactly what still needs to be done. We have a team full of driven professionals, whose engine is already running at full speed with innovative improvement proposals. You can also see that in the little things. Such as the question: 'Can I have the tablet for a moment?' or 'This doesn't look good, let's clean it up.' These are the signals that we are on the right track and that we will reach our goal together.”

What has the 5S implementation delivered? Take productivity to the next level with 5S

“The implementation of 5S was an absolute game-changer for our team. We have become much more aware of our working environment and have now made our work streamlined and super efficient. The result? More fun and satisfaction in our work! We realized that small things can make a big difference. For example, our sign in the hall was almost illegible, but after cleaning it, it was like new again. It may seem small, but it has had a huge impact on the way we work today. We are now much more focused on order and tidiness, which makes our workplace even more pleasant. We now always have our things within reach because everything has a permanent place. And as icing on the cake, we even received compliments from the director. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved. We also cannot wait to make our workplace even more organized and cleaner in the future.”

We are grateful for the trust that AVR Duiven and of course AVR Rozenburg have placed in us. Would you like to stay informed about the further steps we are taking in our journey towards continuous improvement? Then keep a close eye on us!

5S at AVR logistics in Duiven

Meet AVR Duiven

Specialist in residual waste processing, AVR! They are committed to converting waste into valuable raw materials and energy for households and businesses. Their ambition is to contribute to a clean world in which nothing goes unused. But also what seems worthless is made valuable again. They work on positive change, every day, with a sober view and practical solutions. AVR has two locations in Duiven and Rozenburg where energy and raw materials are extracted from residual waste. There are four transfer stations in The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. With their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, AVR is a pioneer in the circular economy. AVR also contributes to a better world for all of us.

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