Gazelle makes a restart thanks to 5S

Gazelle makes a new start partly thanks to 5S. Royal Gazelle is also affected by the measures surrounding the Corona virus. But how good to read that thanks to the good basis, they have now been able to make a new start with an adapted production line. Well done Gazelle! And thanks Robby for the acknowledgment.

“Last week we adjusted the entire operation in such a way that we can produce bicycles in a safe and normal way, taking into account the current corona regulations. With our years of knowledge and experience in the field of 5S workplace organization and the stable support of 5S-Company we were able to carry this out quickly and thoroughly. We already looked at our processes daily through 'safety and effectiveness glasses', and 'corona proof' has now been added. Through our mindset of continuous improvement, we hope to get this new way of working effective again soon!'

Gazelle makes a restart thanks to 5S

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