Corona resistant production environment using the 5S method

A corona-proof production environment with the 5S method

Chosen as Outstanding Organisation, the 5S Company and Pon CAT's CI manager, Ben van der Werff were scheduled to be keynote presenters. At the 2020 Caterpillar Dealer CI Conference held virtually.

Both presenters talk about using proven methods and new tools to solve old dilemmas. Such as maintaining the 5S workplace organization. They also spoke about the new challenges that the Corona virus brought with it at Koninklijke Gazelle. A corona-proof production environment with the 5S method.

Koninklijke Gazelle, the Dutch-based bicycle manufacturer, was faced with a three-week full operational stop due to the Corona virus at the beginning of this year. In these three weeks, production has created and implemented a restart plan. This plan guarantees the safety of all employees. A smooth resumption of production was very important due to the explosive demand for bicycles from the brand.

Presenters Ben van der Werff & Dennis van de Bunt showed the virtual attendees how Koninklijke Gazelle was able to improve and maintain the effectiveness and safety of the workplaces during the pandemic. In doing so, the organization benefited from the already implemented 5S method and the 5S assurance app. And was able to quickly benefit from higher productivity with the safety guarantee for its employees. In this way, a corona-proof production environment with the 5S method was created.

The supporting tool in this success story is the 5S app. An effective and handy web-based application for securing the first 4S steps. This tool has been developed for organizations that already have a 5S roll-out have done and want to capitalize on the results. But also for organizations that are looking for how to start a successful 5S rollout with guaranteed results.

The 5S app is the solution for the ongoing focus on keeping your workplace clean, organized, safe and improving through the people who use the workplace.

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