5S implementation in the office

5S implementation at the office in logistics, at Neele-Vat. Against the regular flow, Neele-Vat first focused on tackling the office environment and then focused on the warehouses.

Create awareness

Neele-Vat has taken the first step of the 5S implementation. This started as a pilot at one of the offices on the Maasvlakte and aimed to increase awareness within Neele-Vat with regard to 5S and continuous improvement. Furthermore, this is seen as a powerful impulse for other locations, so that they follow the same path and make that office 5S-proof.

5S implementation in the office

Neele-Vat employees were trained within one day and started the implementation by setting up their own desk drawer in the 5S way. After this, containers containing old furniture and old documents and office supplies were removed from the building. The items that remained were then placed in a logical place. All this has freed up a lot of closet space. To ensure continuous clean-up, checklists have been created for routine inspections.

Even the refrigerator is 5S-proof!

The refrigerator has also been well taken care of. An idea for a container system has been adopted for the refrigerator, to prevent products from going out of date.

Finally, a start has also been made with 5S on the digital disk. This included clearing out old digital documents and creating a logical structure and procedure for storing and naming relevant documents to reduce search time for them. This unlocks a lot of 'hidden' search time.

experience from Neele-vat

'An empty desk is an empty mind!'

At Neele-Vat we have a so-called 'Clean Desk Policy'. This means that your desk should always be clean, especially when you leave at the end of the day.
At one of our locations on the Maasvlakte, this policy goes one step further. This is what we have the 5S system 5S-Company implemented. A system based on, you guessed it, five S's.

'The results are very positive! Initially, many people thought that the office was already tidy and organized. When taking the time and applying the 5S method however, there appeared to be a lot of room for improvement.'


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