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Read here the customer experience of Pon Power, after the 5S process.

Customer experience Pon Power with 5S Company

After we followed the 5S program our productivity increased by more than 30% and the workplace became safer (the number of unsafe situations and unsafe conditions dropped to almost zero). That really showed what we could do when we worked in a well-organized, efficient and safe environment. Investing in this 5S program has been great, it has made a big difference for us.
It has been a relatively small investment with a very short payback period.

Working with 5S Company was very surprising and educational, overall a great and clean warehouse.

The program gave me a lot of new motivation and energy, and we had a lot of fun in the process.
We changed focus and processes and introduced daily stand-up meetings in the morning. That freed up time and resources that we can now use to handle even more goods and at the same time develop the department even further.

It was also nice to see the interest and curiosity of colleagues who work in other departments…think; “We should actually do the same in our department”.

Henrik Looft
Warehouse supervisor
Pon Power Denmark

PonCat 5S experience


Since 1926, Pon Power has been the engine dealer of Caterpillar in the Netherlands. They supply and maintain Caterpillar marine engines in the range of 93 kW to 5400 kW and Cat generator sets from 11 kVA to 6500 kVA.

They serve customers in a variety of marine markets ranging from inland shipping to sails. Customers choose the combination of Pon Power and Cat, because they are looking for excellent equipment and a reliable, professional service provider. With 180 service engineers, 6 local offices in the Netherlands and a global network of Caterpillar, they can offer their customers a wide range of services, no matter where or when.

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