Entrepreneurship and improvement journey from A – Z

Entrepreneurship and improvement journey from A – Z

From a small shop as a sole proprietorship to a thriving company. With 32 years of entrepreneurship under his belt, with all the associated ups and downs, Jacob Bonenberg shares his insights about entrepreneurship and the journey of improvement he has gone through. “Dennis, the key to change, not only brought financial stability, but also transformed the working method with the 5S process.”

The entrepreneurial journey of Jacob Bonenberg Bicycle specialist

Early in his career, Jacob Bonenberg ran his bicycle shop in the evenings. Then four half days a week and in 1999 he switched to full-time entrepreneurship. “About 8 years ago I met Dennis, a smart and friendly guy. At the time, my small shop was at the beginning of an exciting transformation as consumer behavior and purchasing habits changed dramatically. 5S Company offered to help, especially financially. My biggest challenge was to 'survive' in business and ensure the continuation of my company. Since then, we have been continuously making adjustments, because dealing with changes is now the order of the day.”

The transformation: financial advice, 5S day starts and improvements

“We have made great strides within 1 to 1.5 years. Financial matters received a boost thanks to valuable advice. Not only have we increased our turnover, but we also ensure that we actually make a profit. Our workplace has undergone a complete transformation thanks to the true 5S process, where we have optimized our processes, defined walking routes and reorganized the space. Our workshop and warehouse are now super tight and he has played a crucial role in this.

Improvements are still the order of the day. Every morning, when we put everything outside with a cup of coffee, we have an informal start to the day. Although no longer official, we discuss the most important points and ensure that we continue to grow and optimize. It can be done differently, it can be done much better and we have proven exactly that.”

“5S-Company is highly recommended for long-term success”

“5S Company not only brings clarity and confidence, but their impact goes further than that. The direct approach and enthusiasm have not only streamlined my company, but also inspired my team. Their involvement extended to crucial decisions, such as purchases and our new building. 5S Company emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction, where selling service is just as crucial as the product itself.

I would definitely recommend following a similar path. Many bicycle companies would benefit enormously from this, even if not all of them are open to it. It's a lot of awareness. I see enormous chaos in many bicycle shops, even in new, beautiful shops. I am convinced that a structured approach can significantly improve efficiency. If they are open to it, I believe some companies may be able to increase their returns by 20 to 30 percent.”

To this day there is still contact with Jacob Bonenberg. Do you also want to focus on continuous improvement, just like Jacob? We are ready to help entrepreneurs with their improvement journey from A to Z, regardless of size and reason.


Jacob Bonenberg has been the go-to since 1992 trusted bicycle specialist in Nunspeet for everyone who wants to cycle safely and enjoyably. Recreational, on an electric bicycle. Sporty, on a mountain bike or racing bike. Or practical to get from A to B, on a city bike.


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